Studies over the last decade indicate, women who are trained in a particular skill are more likely to use their skills to increase their earnings, build savings, educate and care for their family, and invest in their community.

The SOFEI Group works with women to help them develop and certify their business, professional, and workforce skills to:

  • Advance their careers to increase their earning potential.
  • Gain or hone their skills to enter or re-enter the workforce.
  • Establish or expand their business.
  • Measure and validate their proficiency to use Microsoft Office, Office 365, iCritical Thinking, or IC³.

Our Training

Employable and entrepreneurship skills are key components for women to achieve economic independence and stability. And, we offer business, professional, and workforce development training to women seeking to advance their careers; build or expand their small businesses, or enter or re-enter the workforce.

Our Training Methods

Training is provided on-line, in a workshop (one-day) format or in a modular format (over several weeks) and is delivered in five methods: Self-Directed Learning, Lecture and Participation, Intensive Hands-on, Self-Paced, and Action Learning.

Our Training Descriptions